My face hurts. It’s taken me two days to ascertain why, but I finally figured out why – I’m smiling.
Those of you who know me are thinking, “but she’s always smiling,” and while that’s true – there’s a significant difference in smiling with your lips and heart and smiling with the abandon and whole self I have been the last two weeks.
I’ve been having fun. Ridiculous fun. Nothing extraordinary, just playful fun, but it’s been exhilarating. Going on vacation to a place you love with people you love kind of fun. The kind of fun that gives you new understanding to Colby Caillat’s Bubbly. Cruise commercial kind of fun. So much fun that if I hadn’t gotten a job right before I came, I’d be moving here when my lease ends.
It’s a freeing kind of fun that’s stemmed from being immersed in a place where people are like in heart and mind and mission. I’ve found myself resting in who God is and in who I am with more abandon than I’ve summoned in a while. Of course, it might help that I’m sleeping on the floor of someone with whom I share bizarre and eclectic tastes in music, ministry, and men. We’ve commented more than once this week that we may be the same person. Not bad for a facebook friendship.

New Friends
So…my face hurts. Leave it to me to over analyze it…


One thought on “Ow.

  1. plainy says:

    I’m so so glad to hear how much you’re enjoying yourself. You sound so content, I’m a bit surprised to hear you’re coming back. Leave it all behind and stay in cali!

    But make a pit stop in Texas to dish all about your adventures, please.

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