Normally, I’m not big on the “this is what happened in my life today” blogs. Other people do them well (my friend Paula, for one), but I always feel like I’m either bragging or coming off as self-depricating…neither of which is attractive. That said, this is one of those blogs. It’s not that anything happened to make an interesting story, it’s just that lots of things happened today to make me smile. I enjoy smiling; lately I can’t stop doing it, and so, without further ado – things that were fabulous about TODAY:

  • Waking up with 2 dogs in bed with me. My lease doesn’t allow pets, and I wouldn’t do it every night, but it was fun to wake up this morning at my parents’ house and be able to snuggle with my giant puppies.
  • Using my new soniccare tooth brush and having amazingly clean teeth.
  • Being really comfortable and really happy with who I am, where I am, what I want to do, and possible potentials for who I could end up with (or not) and cherishing that that’s totally a God thing.
  • Getting to work and feeling official because my “Loni Fancher” name plate is hanging outside my door.
  • Spending my day looking at cute boys in expensive clothes as I worked on the men’s fall catalog.
  • Realizing that my French is better than I thought as I searched for a bathing suit by a French designer on the server. The suit hasn’t been photographed yet, and the item names and descriptions are all in in their rough forms and in French. For future reference piscine = swimming pool, poisson = fish, medusas = jellyfish, tortues = turtles, plage = beach, and cabines = grass huts. Yes, I am that awesome.
  • Figuring out I may actually enjoy this job as I finish and planning how to decorate my cubicle.
  • Having the Target shoes on my feet mistaken for $1000 designer shoes by someone wearing $1000 designer shoes.
  • Experiencing the dawning realization that I’ve actually let go of something I’ve been holding on to for a long time and finding exhilarating freedom in that. God is good.
  • Discovering that one has to work at Neiman Marcus for 3 months before you receive holiday pay and that the first applicable holiday is 3 1/2 months away.
  • Going to the kick off party for my 14th Wake Up Weekend (Disciple Now) at FBCA and my 25th overall.
  • Contemplating spending the weekend with a group of 11th grade girls talking about love and sex and loving every minute of it.
  • Getting a wedding invitation addressed to “Loni and Guest” in the mail and getting excited that I’ll have a good time whether I ask someone to go with me or go alone.
  • Adding all of my music to my iPod set to disk mode so that I can load it on my work computer tomorrow and share the wealth.
  • Logging into facebook and AIM all day long and using my downtime (aka – the time each hour the server backs up) to check in with friends rather than sitting and getting frustrated.
  • Adding some pretty awesome quotes to my facebook profile.
  • Being tagged in pictures with my fabulous friend Lindsey.
  • Not desperately missing California for the first time in a week, but being able to look forward to visiting in the spring/summer.
  • Praying my way from work to my parents’ house to church to my house to the gas station with my gas light on because I forgot my wallet at home this morning and then putting 15.3 gallons in my 15 gallon gas tank. *note: I don’t condone this as a general practice, and do take better care of my vehicle than this. Don’t yell at me.
  • Thinking about how I have spent more time during Lent looking to God…which is, after all, the point.

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