Heebee Jeebees

Let me preface this by saying that I’m all for going green and minimizing our global footprints. When I finish typing this, I’ll make a minuscule drop in the bucket by taking the recycling bin to the curb. That said, I’m fairly certain that this add, promoting Al Gore’s We Can Solve It campaign, is supposed to say to the world “Hey, even these two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum can agree on saving the environment.” What does it say about me that watching it triggers the same response in my body as watching a horror movie? There’s an irrational alarm in my brain screaming “AHHH, loud-mouthed, narrow-minded, blow-hards believe in global warming.” The rebellious side of me is fighting the urge to litter. Seriously. Tell me you’re not a little bit traumatized by a jovial Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson sitting on the same sofa. <insert shivers up the spine here>


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