What Kind of Wine Goes with Mac & Cheese?

The correct answer is a well chilled Llano Estacado Blush. Yea for Texas wines! Yes, it’s a $5 bottle of wine, but if you’re drinking it while consuming macaroni and cheese, do you get to be a wine snob? The Llano Blush is a sweet and fruity and yet really crisp wine. It’s like Kool-aid for grown ups.

The Llano Blush is also a good comfort food wine. It’s not going to hold up to the really profound flavors of authentic Mexican food or rich seafood; it’s too sweet for that. If you’re looking for something to accompany pizza or fried chicken or mac and cheese or steak and potatoes or BBQ, this wine will definitely do the trick. It’s like a white zin, but more fun.


One thought on “What Kind of Wine Goes with Mac & Cheese?

  1. Ashlee says:

    Okay really? Do you really get to talk about being a “grown-up” when you’ve obviously put a lot of thought into which wine goes with MAC AND CHEESE! You make fun of me, but are now getting hit with the same wet noodle. Have a nice day, friend!

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