Go and Tell Your White Knight that He’s Handsome in Hindsight, but I Don’t Want the Next Best Thing

…so apropos for so many reasons.

To begin with, Friday night 17 friends and I attended Medieval Times for my roommate’s birthday. A good time was had by all. We had fun playing, eating with our hands, seeing Karla dubbed a Lady of the Realm, and afterwards running around and taking pictures with all the knights in their garb. Ok, so this last part was just the girls. The guys stood around looking at us like we’d lost our minds.


In other news, we’re moving in 4 days. I hate packing. I hate it with everything that’s in me, which is weird…because I love moving. I also enjoy most of my stuff, but having to pack it all up sends waves of guilt over my own consumerism coursing through my veins. Do I really need all these books? DVDs? shoes? Probably not. Are they all going in a box anyway? Yep.

As much as I hate it, though, a part of me loves it. Packing is an integral part of the relocation process. The very beginning of the process that leads to new cities, new friends, new adventures… Every time I load box after box with my paraphernalia, I wish that it would all fit in a hiking pack and a suitcase. I know though, that if that was the case, it’d be much more difficult to fight the temptation to pick up and move whenever the urge hits. I’m not sure urge is a strong enough word.

The last line in the movie Chocolat is “But still the clever north wind was not satisfied. It spoke to Vianne of towns yet to be visited, friends in need yet to be discovered, battles yet to be fought…” That’s more accurate, I think. Like the north wind that begins as a breeze and doesn’t let up until it’s chilled you to the bone, there’s this restlessness in me that starts with bubbles in my stomach. If left unchecked it rages through my system until my skin starts to itch and my brain gets all fuzzy.

It’s not really even a conscious thing. And it’s not that I’m not happy or content with things. Life is good. That’s an understatement really. On the whole and in the minutia, life is pretty fabulous. I just get this feeling that if life is this fantastic now, it has the potential to be even more remarkable. I’m not ready to settle for good, when great is so clearly in the works. It’s like the song (and the post title) says,”I don’t want the next best thing.”

Hopefully, this move will dial this restless boil back to a simmer for a while. I don’t want to so anticipate the great that I can’t appreciate the good. Good is nothing to sneeze at…even if it includes packing. (And a knight or two never hurt either.)


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