Never Compromise, Accept No Substitute

(caution: the fashion metaphors/references running through this post -and the title above- are pretty thick…I may have been at my job too long.)

I found out this week that I’m someone’s backup, which I think is supposed to be flattering, but in reality is a concept I’ve never really comprehended. “Hey, we don’t really like each other enough to date, but at the same time we don’t drive each other beyond crazy so if we’re really desperate by the time we hit our scary age – we should get married.” Really? This is how life works in my generation? Ugh.

Anyway, I didn’t actually have that conversation. His mom told my mom. No, I’m not kidding. I’m pretty sure his mom is now praying that he doesn’t find a significant other in the next five years (his scary age, not mine) because she loves me. All mom’s love me…which is, as it has always been, both a blessing and a curse.

The whole “backup” revelation has me thinking about this guy in particular (which is weird because I haven’t seen/talked to him in almost a year and we haven’t gone out since high school) and all guys in general. This guy, we’ll call ‘X’.

X is delightful. In a fashion metaphor (which you were warned about), X is the perfect cocktail dress. He’s eye catching, flattering, garners compliments from all my friends, makes me smile, loves my curves, skims over my flaws, is ideal for a night out, and makes me feel downright sexy. What’s not to love, right? The thing about cocktail dresses, though, is that they’re just not the same in the daylight hours, and they generally come with special care instructions. Wearing them everyday is less than practical.

If we’re comparing guys to dresses (and I’m fairly certain every advice columnist ever will tell you that’s a “don’t”), I think what I’m looking for is more of a wrap dress. To that same list of pros from above we can add season-less, durable, perfect for traveling, appropriate for almost any occasion…

The only downside to wrap dresses is that they can be a hassle when life gets blustery. Really, though, to whom doesn’t that apply?


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