People, They Need Piano Keys

I love music. I spend most of my day listening to it and still can’t get enough. If it’s done well, it can stir your soul before you ever understand a lyric. It’s the reason my post titles are all song lyrics (PS – if you’re playing THE GAME – or want to – there are lots of posts still to guess).

There are some songs, some artists, that just make you feel at home. For some: it’s artists in which they see them selves, for others: songs with a beat that drives something home; still others enjoy a hook that draws you in and stays with you; some people look for lyric driven song and others are looking for a catchy tune.

Personally, I’m drawn to phenomenal musicians…which makes my music library pretty varied. If you can incorporate a 12 sting guitar or didgeridoo or a marimba or multiple families of instruments or multiple genres of music, you’ve caught my attention. That’s how I discovered Pink Martini and fell in love.

This week, though, it’s been Monsters of Folk.


I’m in love. The group is M. Ward (of, well, a bunch of stuff including She & Him), Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) and Conor Oberst & Mike Mogis (both of Bright Eyes). If any of these men happened to be single and love Jesus (and by the sound of this album – there’s a good chance of that), I’d marry him tomorrow. That’s how in love with their new album I am.

It’s been streaming on their MySpace since yesterday and I’ve been listening non-stop. I can’t wait for the actual release on Tuesday so I can have it on my phone and iPod and in my car and on my computer…


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