I Could Say Bella, Bella, Even Say Wunderbar

fred_and_ginger_i8huMy friend Jesselyn is getting married.

She’s having a theme wedding, which I LOVE. Ordinarily, I’m not a fan of theme weddings. They can be extraordinarily contrived, and if not done well, people remember the theme rather than the bride and groom. If people leave the ceremony talking about all the groomsmen being storm troopers or knights of the round table rather than talking about the happy couple – what’s the point? It’s made the whole thing a spectacle rather than spectacular.

When done well, though, theme weddings can be fantastic. That’s the thing about them: they’re either a huge success or a humongous failure. There’s no in between.

Jesselyn’s wedding doesn’t happen until February, but I can already tell you that this theme wedding will be great. Jess is one of those few fun and meticulous people who can make a theme seem effortless. Her theme is 1940’s Glamour, and chances are once the initial ooohs and ahhhs settle down, people will forget about the theme and just feel like they’re at the most elegant and glamorous wedding of 2010.

I’m really excited about this wedding because (a) I love Jesselyn & weddings are a good time (Jess’ will be quite the party), (b) I’ll be singing (which I love) and (c) it’s formal and I get to dress up! Whoo hooo!! So now, decisions have to be made – do I go Vivian Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers, Ingrid Bergman, Betty Grable…? I’d add Katherine Hepburn, but that whole uber-svelte menswear look just isn’t one I can sport. It’s not a costume wedding, but you have to admit, those women have been iconic since their post-war heydays. Right now I’m leaning toward Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth, though the sultry Lauren Bacall smirk and voice is a hard one to pass up. It’ll probably end up as an amalgam of the three. After all, there really are no limits (I asked Jess just to make sure) on bombshell potential…other than that I refuse to believe blondes have more fun.


3 thoughts on “I Could Say Bella, Bella, Even Say Wunderbar

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