Sometimes I Get Bored, Even Though I Know I’m Blessed

Yes, I know I’m bad at this.

Since my last blog I….

1 ) Saw Monsters of Folk in concert.

2 ) Had a Sesame Street themed birthday party complete with bounce house and ball pit.

3 ) Turned 30.

4 ) Bought footie pajamas. (I’m wearing them now.)

5 ) Celebrated Christmas with my family. It snowed. It was strange.

6 ) Celebrated New Year’s with my friends.

7 ) Played entirely too much Band Hero.

8 ) Made an A in my Internet Evangelism course.

9 ) Started my current course: Postmodern Theology, Film and Youth Culture.

10 ) Started shopping for a new place to live.

Tomorrow I’m shopping for tacky prom dresses and possibly teaching friends the dance from Thriller.

You are now completely caught up on the last 2 months of my life. Ok, so not completely, but the good news is, I’m back.


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