‘Cause I’m A Snowfall Kind of Girl

Well, it’s finally happened. After living in St. Louis for almost 2 months, it’s finally snowed. In fact, as I type this, it seems to be snowing again. It won’t last (snow never does), but at the moment, it’s beautiful.

First Snow of the Season

It’s amazing to me how a little white stuff falling from the sky can slow down everything. There’s only about an inch of snow outside, but it’s so peaceful. The blanket of white has a calming effect. Everyone slows down a little, plays a little, & devours comfort food. It’s like the world knows that you have to enjoy it when it’s here because it won’t last for long.

I wish we had that mentality in every day life: that idea that we can just slow down and savor life a little more. I think Jesus would love it if we lived life like everyday was a snow day. Hebrews equates restfulness with godliness. Hebrews 4:9-10 says “So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God. For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His.” It goes on to saw that the more we rest in God, the less we’re prone to sin. The chapter also talks about we fail to take advantage of the rest God provides.

Snow comes with its own set of issues: traffic, cold, closures of schools and businesses all inconvenience our lives when it snows. It’s easy to get caught up in all of that and forget to step back to reflect on the peacefulness that comes when the whole world seems blanketed in white. That’s life, though. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama and the details and forget that rest is one of God’s promises to His people. I don’t know what the weather’s like where you are, but I hope you’re intentional about a Sabbath/snow day.


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