Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night

I know the concept of twitter can be a little intimidating. For some, it’s like speaking a foreign language. Why on earth would you want to shout every opinion you have out into the interwebs?!?! Many of you still live here. (There are a few “inappropriate” words, here. Click at your own discretion.)

Believe me, I get it. I was a late adopter to twitter for many of the reasons shared in that ridiculous video.

For many of us, though, twitter has become a primary source of news, dialogue & community. Major events (everything from natural disasters to awards shows) have the potential to stimulate conversations all over the world. “Livetweeting” such events allows people to interact. Micro-communities develop when people engage. Viewership becomes a participatory process.

If you’re at all curious about twitter, I encourage you to follow the conversation via your computer during tonight’s State of the Union. (The link below will just show you the SOTU posts so it’s a little less overwhelming.) There will be opinions you agree with & disagree with. There will be people who are offensive & those that are crazy. If you can get past all that, what you’ll see is people who aren’t passively watching the State of the Union, but are instead engaging in conversation about it.

Twitter is a pretty awesome thing. If we, as Christians, can harness that same potential for the Kingdom, can you imagine the impact?