I’m Gonna Lose 10 Pounds and Cross the Border…

Happy 2009! I hope that yours is off to as great a start as mine. So far, it’s beating 2008, hands down.

I realized on Wednesday that last year was the first year in my memory that I hadn’t eaten black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. Supposedly, black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day brings good luck. I’m quite sure that this is just old superstition, but I’m also sure that (I’m sure we can all agree) 2008 was a less than stellar year. Well, not wanting to shoulder that burden for the world for another year, I dutifully journeyed to the store yesterday to buy a can of black-eyed peas. Since we had a delightful beef stew (made by my delightful roommate) for dinner, I only ate 2 spoonfuls, but still, good luck all around. If today’s any indication, 2009 will be a fantastic year.

The other fairly universal New Year’s tradition (if black-eyed peas is universal, it may just be a southern thing) is resolutions. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I don’t, generally. Resolutions just seem like a list of things people get a free pass for not attaining. People resolve to lose weight, or take up exercising, or give up vices, and when they stumble after a few weeks in it’s “aww…shucks, I broke my New Year’s resolution” and it’s back to the status quo. Those of you who can make resolutions without taking this out have my utmost admiration.

I do believe, though, that the New Year provides the perfect opportunity to reassess and set goals for the coming year. I know that sounds a lot like resolution making, but it doesn’t provide the resolution out. It requires a certain level of persistence and I like to think I’m up to the task. I suppose time will tell.

2009 Ambitions:

  1. Finish my degree. While I’ll miss explaining that the Master’s of Global Leadership has not prepared me for world domination, ’tis time to move on and into the next phase of life.
  2. Progress at least half way through phase 4 of my 5 phase plan…I ended 2008 with the hope of bringing phase 3 and the new year has already brought the dawning of phase 4.
  3. Write. I’m not really particular here. Poetry, fiction, non-fiction, songs…I need to be writing something other than blogs, emails and papers for school. (Though I do plan to blog more often, too.)
  4. Pick up and play my guitar…she’s been neglected far too long. (Okay, I’ll readily admit this one has resolution written all over it.)
  5. While we’re in that vein…I’m gonna play with Cordelia more. Beagles are prone to obesity, and I’d like to keep her as healthy as possible for as long as possible.
  6. Last, but far from least, I plan to be more diligent in sharing my faith in all forums. Does my love for Christ and relationship with him permeate my life the way I hope it does? I like to think so, but I plan to step it up, none-the-less.

That’s it. That’s the list. What’s on your list, if you make one? Whatever it is, I wish you luck

I’m off to finish my serving of black-eyed peas…if 2 spoonfuls can already bring so much good luck, how much luck is in a whole serving? The mind reels. 😉


4 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Lose 10 Pounds and Cross the Border…

  1. First….WHEN DID YOU START PLAYING GUITAR? I guess it’s true, you can’t graduate OBU unless you play guitar!

    Second and this will blow your mind, don’t loose 10 lbs, gain 5lbs of muscle. Hit those weights hotty and not only will you loose inches, but you’ll have rockin’ toned arms and feel like $1,000,000. Or use P 90 X. I’ve got a lot of folks dropping pounds like crazy with supplements I recommend and the P90X. It seems to be an awesome program!

    On writing,”You can call me many names and abuse me physically and it will hurt for a few days, but when I write a successful poem about your reputation will be destroyed for the rest of history” (my paraphrased version of Big Pappa E’s (Eric Ott) Wussy Boy Manifesto).

    Not sure if I’ve ever seen an overweight Beagle, just really noisy ones!

    Share the faith my sister!

    And may God Bless Your 2009!!

    Oh and I ate a whole bag of black eyed peas by myself!

  2. Loni says:

    Will, Will, Will…I have no intention of losing 10 pounds. This post title, like all my post titles, is a song lyric. This one seemed particularly apropos for a resolution-esque blog. I give out prizes for people who correctly guess the most songs, and it’s cumulative, so give it a whirl. (Rules and such are found under the “GAME” tab.)

    You and your supplements. Geez. STEP AWAY FROM THE WEIGHT BENCH!! Just kidding. Glad things are going well with you. Do you have 2 kids yet or what?

    Oh, and the guitar thing. It’s a work in progress. She’s a beautiful 20th anniversary ovation, but I’ve neglected her for long enough that the callouses are totally gone from my fingers, my strum rhythms are pathetic and I can’t remember any chords. Other than that, it’s going great.

    Some guy once quoted Garth Brooks and referred to me as “She’s Every Woman.” I’m just trying to live up to the hype. 😉

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