‘Cause don’t nobody sing to me like Lucille


A fight broke out and started a fire once in a dance hall where BB King was playing. The whole place had to be evacuated, but King rushed back into the burning building to save his guitar. The fight had been over a woman named Lucille; King’s guitars have been named Lucille ever sense.

One of my goals for 2009 is to play my guitar. I think it’ll get played more if it has a name, but I’m torn. As a general rule guitars are female. In fact, the word guitar is feminine in languages with gender specific articles (French, Spanish, etc.). I’m a girl (obviously) so shouldn’t my guitar be masculine? I keep vacillating back and forth.

I started this on Facebook, but I’m opening it up to the blogosphere. What should I name my guitar? I’ve gotten some great suggestions: Penelope, Esther, Sue, Clara… My friend Tim says his guitar is named Ethel (which I told him is great if she’s a blues guitar, but if he’s got saucy intentions, “Ethel” isn’t going to help him seduce anyone). All of those are feminine names though, so I’ve also given thought to Conrad, Atticus, Phineas…(yes, I know if I gave those names to a child he’d be beaten up on the play ground).

Anyway, here s/he is…what do you think the name should be?


PS: My car, iphone and dog are named Lola, Isis and Cordelia, respectively if that helps at all.


One thought on “‘Cause don’t nobody sing to me like Lucille

  1. i think it’s ok if you have a seemingly lesbian relationship with a guitar… in fact, most guys would probably dig it…and a guitar’s got way too many curves to be a man. period. (cause if it were, it wouldn’t be an attractive sort of man in any way)…. so my vote is for Penelope… Penny, if you will. a sort of, “brother, have you got a dime” thing…but a penny instead. Or maybe Sophia? Or Rose or Blanche if you’re feeling a little Golden Girls love. 🙂
    Best of luck!

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