When Mondays and Tuesdays Grow Cold

Texas weather is driving me crazy. It hit 80 multiple days last week, but they’re already announcing school closings/delays due to tomorrow’s “wintry mix.”

It’s not that the cold’s a problem. I love the cold. There’s something romantic about seeing your breath in the air, smelling the fires burning in fireplaces, bundling up in layers….and let’s face it, the hats, scarves and gloves of winter are far more entertaining accessories than the limited accouterments of summer. It’s just that it won’t freakin’ make up it’s mind!!! If it’s going to be 40, I’d love it, but stay 40 more than 3 days before the temp jumps 30 degrees overnight.

I think I’m just fed up with inconsistency lately on all fronts, and I feel like weather, at least, should be a little more dependable. Just commit to a season already! I really don’t care which one. Be a “yes” or a “no” on a facebook event instead of a “maybe” until something better comes along. For pete’s sake, buy some furniture and give the cat a name!

This is all weird, I know, coming from me – the girl who sees chaos as a necessity. I thrive in the earthquakes and roller coasters of life.  I think I’m learning, though, that spontaneity and inconsistency are two very different sides of the same coin. Does loving one and detesting the other make me a hypocrite? Ugh…I can’t decide whether this is all a sign of maturity or of getting old. For the record, that’s another case of loving one and detesting the other, 😉


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