Amando Mio

Thanks, in advance, to my friend Lindsey for this idea.

It’s that time of year. Love is in the air. Stores are all decked out in red and pink silliness. It’s Valentine’s Day.

In my experience, single people fall into one of two camps on Valentine’s Day: either they embrace the silliness, celebrate the love and don’t get the coupley nature of the holiday get to them, or they embrace it as Single Awareness Day (SAD) and have a bitter-party-of-one party for themselves.

Either way, you deserve a playlist to help you celebrate, so here are my song choices to aid in your holiday festivities. You can listen to everything by clicking on the “popout player” buttons under each playlist. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Playlist
* I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
* Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk
* Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love by Pink Martini
* Moondance by Van Morrison
* Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
* I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
* Nobody Knows Me by Lyle Lovett
* Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? by She & Him
* When the Stars Go Blue by The Corrs&Bono
* I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight by Norah Jones

Single Awareness Day Playlist
* Love Song by Sara Bareilles
* Touch Feel And Lose by Ryan Adams
* World Spins Madly On by The Weepies
* Hey Eugene by Pink Martini
* Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting Tings
* Brandy Alexander by Feist
* Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
* Beautifully Broken by Warren Haynes
* Misunderstood by Wilco
* Sentimental Heart by She & Him


One thought on “Amando Mio

  1. Bob Fancher says:

    Nice lists, both of them. I could tell you have been listening to a little Pink Martini this week. Hope your Valentine’s Day is a happy one.

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