Praise Awaits You

For my Writings class this quarter, we were allowed (nay, challenged) to write our papers creatively. I wrote my final paper in the form of a psalm, which got me to thinking how seldom I really use creativity to reflect on and praise God.  Doing this project flexed my reflective and creative muscles, and I encourage you to try it for yourself. My entire project was about 10 pages long, but this is the final stanza.

God, O God of the Universe
We are obligated to really praise You
Though our 21st century lives are busy,
Your word has reminded us that Your name will be praised
Lord, let us not be so neglectful that the rocks cry out as Your son Jesus declared that they would do
Let us look to Chronicles
And see that there is never a moment You fail to be worthy of praise
Let us praise You in our stillness
Reflecting on the fact that you are God
Falling prostrate on the ground before You
Let us praise You in song
Playing every instrument we can imagine
And singing of Your magnificence
As the Levites did as they led the children of Israel in worship
With harps,
With lyres,
With trumpets,
With cymbals
And with tambourines
Let us praise You with our dance
Regardless of our audience
Whether alone in our own bedrooms
Or in the crowded streets
Becoming undignified as David did,
Not for our own sake,
But for Your glory
And out of the overflow of joy
That lives in our own hearts because of You.
Let it never be enough
Let us never give up praising you
For you
God, God of the Universe
Are beyond worthy to be praised.


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