Dream Maker, You Heart Breaker

If you know me at all, you know I’m vehemently opposed to reality TV.  My current living situation has made me lighten up a little bit because my roommate is as addicted to reality TV as I am to scripted TV. Though I normally find other things to do when she’s shuffling through the reality stuff on the DVR, the exception has always been Amazing Race. This season, we’ve added another exception – American Idol. There are some I contestants I love,  others I consider overrated, and still others I think should never have made it this far. Having an opinion on it at all makes me a little sad for myself. I’ve been sucked in.

Tonight was movie night and the contestants had to sing songs from films. A couple of them chose really well. Most went the safe route. It was lackluster and pretty much expected. Every week though, the roommate and I discuss what we would have sung from that category. My song from a movie? Moon River. Hands down. You go out on that stage and nail Moon River? You win the night.

I’ve been listening to Moon River since Idol ended tonight, and it’s made me think a lot about the last week. Last week was hard. Really inconsolably difficult. I spent most of Saturday in my pajamas just trying to emotionally recover from a week that had challenged me and everyone I work with. I’m still not recovered and we’re still all being challenged.

It was also a week where I got an offer for a dream job. Sadly, the dream job didn’t come with a dream salary, and since I can’t dream my bills into getting paid, I turned it down. If you’re looking for something to pray though, pray that I could work on that project and stay where I am. I feel like it’s the doorway to something, but I’m not supposed to walk through it yet. It’s kinda like Moon River: “we’re after the same rainbow’s end…”


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