Just To See Him Smile, Makes My Life Worthwhile

Matthew Morrison (aka Will Schuester from Glee)! Where has this man been all my life? Sure, he started out in a Boy Band and on Broadway and so society would tell us that he’s probably gay, but I think he’s dreamy and delightful. He’s done a bit of television, a couple of films, and has a Tony nomination for goodness’ sakes.
Anyway, I watched Glee after getting home from church tonight and had one of those moments where I realized that I’m old. Not because I’m falling apart or I’ve developed a sudden taste for malt-o-meal or anything, but because Matthew Morrison and his delightful dimples are the highlight of this show for me. You know you’re old when you watch a show targeted to teenagers and find yourself crushing on the adults. I had the same reaction when I took some teenagers to 17 Again and mourned the fact that Matthew Perry didn’t have more screen time.
For those of you who missed Glee tonight, (and shame on you if you did…it’s amazing), the video’s posted below but the embedding has been disabled so you’ll have to go to youtube. (PS – I’m not saying this is my favorite new show of the season. That’s a sure fire way for it to get canceled – a la Pushing Daisies.)
In lieu of that, I’d like to show you a different video that I may be in love with even though it’s from one of my least favorite musicals because it features 2 of my loves.


4 thoughts on “Just To See Him Smile, Makes My Life Worthwhile

  1. I promise not to intently pursue him, but if I run into him in Target and we strike up a conversation – I’m giving him my number. You have a much greater chance of making this happen, Grete, seeing as how you live in the same state. Maybe their studio should be part of your evacuation plan.

  2. it wasn’t her fault. It was Brittneys fault (the dumb blonde chierro) she gave the revised setlist to Sue which contained And I’m telling you, Proud Mary, and Don’t Stop Believing

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