For awhile now, my quest for a new vehicle has been pretty common knowledge. I’m beyond obsessed with mini-coopers and their personality/fuel efficiency. Plus, no one I know actually owns one…in my never-ending quest of the unique, this is somehow important. After all, God created us all to be individuals, what’s the point in spending so much energy to all be the same?

Common and normal bores me, which is a problem because I’ve driven either a ’88 or ’93 Honda Accord almost exclusively since my 16th birthday. They’re great cars, but, seriously? Could we find a car more common and normal? I think what a person drives tells you a lot about them, and my accord driving days reflected others’ expectations more than my own.

Anyway, I’m at a point in my life where I’ve got a decent and steady job, I’m not tied to much, and I really get to pick and choose my expenses. God’s blessed me, and purchasing a car, like all endeavors needs to be an act of stewardship. I decided at the beginning of May that if I could manage to stick it out through the summer, I could pay off some debt, save a pretty significant car payment and purchase a fantastic automobile of my very own in September.

Funny how life doesn’t work that way. Not three days after I started paying things off in huge chunks, my little honda took its dying breath. I guess it decided 180 thousand miles was far enough. Honda towed to a local mechanic and awaiting the prognosis of death, I spent the last 3 days of life praying, rebudgeting, refiguring and exploring car dealerships. (Side note: car shopping alone is a good time to play the girl card. Do your research, and stand your ground, but go in dressed adorably and with a wide-eyed expression. In my experience, it gets them every time.)

It was a difficult endeavor, because my heart was set on a mini, but used minis are impossible to find and my budget couldn’t manage the $30,000 price tag. Day1, I explored. I let the salesmen make suggestions. I test drove a ridiculous amount of vehicles. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Day 2, I met her and fell in love, but knew I couldn’t afford her. I held my ground, and sneaky salesmen man sent her home with me thinking I’d cave. Day 3, I went back, and he’d caved. $2 less than what I was willing to pay.

So that’s how Lola came into my life. I know, I know. I’m not generally that girl who names vehicles, but I’ve never driven a vehicle with this much personality before. Hey, I’m 28, single and living life out loud. When it comes to a car like this, it’s either now, or during my midlife crisis. I choose now.

Lola is a 2007 Turbo Touring PT Cruiser.


2 thoughts on “Lola

  1. I drive an ’07 Red 3-door Toyota Yaris. What does that say about me? 🙂 Oh, I was the first in this area to have one, if that figures into your calculation.
    That is much cuter that most other PT Cruisers I’ve seen…it must be the color. Pearly white and convertible is a great combination! Well done!

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